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Terms & Conditions

The Service agreement described here puts out all of the terms and conditions that govern your subscription to Website Design, Development, and other Internet-related services provided by Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd. In this Agreement, "Virtual Oplossing" refers to Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd, and "Client", "you", or "your" refers to you. By reading the Agreement, you agree to all the terms and conditions on the Virtual Oplossing site, as well as to the terms and conditions in the Agreement. In this Agreement, a World Wide Web site is referred to as a "Site," and a World Wide Web site with URL__________ owned or maintained by Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd is referred to as the "Virtual Oplossing Site.".

The following terms and conditions govern the services Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd provides to clients: digital marketing, software testing, web development, and designing.


There is no requirement for a Client to sign an acceptance of these terms and conditions for them to be applicable. In the event that a Client accepts a quote offered by Virtual Oplossoing, this means that the Client has satisfied themselves as to the terms applying and has fully accepted the terms.

These terms and conditions should be carefully read by the client. By using our services or purchasing from us, you acknowledge and accept our terms and conditions.


Virtual Oplossing establishes the price for the services in the project quotation, which is e-mailed to the Client or communicated in any other way agreed upon. The validity of quotes is 30 days. Virtual Oplossing reserves the right to alter or decline quotations after the 30 days have expired.

Before the work is provided to the Client for review and approval, the advance payment for digital marketing, software testing, and web development & design services is fifty (50) percent of the total project quotation.

Once the work is completed and uploaded onto the server or the materials are released, the remaining fifty percent (50%) of the quotation total will be collected.

Checks or bank transfers can be used to pay for services. To make a payment via check, it should be made out and sent to Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd. On invoices, you will find details about banks.

Review of the client

During the process of developing, designing, or conceptualizing the website or any other digital marketing work, the Client will be able to review the work, appearance, and content. Unless Virtual Oplossing receives notification from the Client within ten (10) days of receiving the materials, such materials will be considered accepted and approved at the end of the project.

Control of turnaround time and content

The website will be installed and published publicly or the digital marketing task will be performed by the date stipulated in Virtual Oplossing's proposal or at the date agreed with the Client upon receiving initial payment, unless a later date is particularly requested and agreed by the Client.

To facilitate the commission process in a satisfactory and expedient manner, the Client agrees to designate one individual as the primary contact for Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd.

A client must provide Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd with website content including images, text and movie files, or any other piece of data as per the requirement of the campaign during the course of the project.

Failure to provide required website content or data:

Since Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd is not an enterprise-level business, we must make sure that the work we have scheduled is completed at the scheduled time in order to remain efficient. Our commitment to completing your work according to the schedule may require us to decline offers for other work or inquiries.

Therefore, we request that all the necessary information be provided in advance. Our company reserves the right to impose a surcharge in cases where we are unable to progress with your website because we have not received the required information within the established timeframe.

The company reserves the right to close the project and the balance remaining becomes due immediately if we do not receive the required information within two weeks of project commencement.

NOTE: Please deliver your text content in a Microsoft Word document (or something similar), with each page on the supplied document displaying the content on the relevant pages on your website.


Invoices will be provided by Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd upon completion but before publishing the live website or completing. Clients may choose to receive hard copies of invoices instead of receiving them via email. It is the client's responsibility to pay the invoice when it is received.

Added expenses

Any additional expenses incurred by Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd to complete the work must be reimbursed by the client. A few examples are font purchases, stock photography, etc.


Defaults will be considered for invoices not paid within thirty (30) days. In the event that the Client in default maintains any information or files on Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd 's webspace, Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd may remove such files and information from its web space at its discretion. Data loss caused by the removal of the service is not the responsibility of Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd. Any charges assessed to a Client's account remain due even after the removal of such material. Insufficient funds resulting from returned checks will result in the account being immediately declared in default. The defaulting clients are responsible for paying Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd reasonable expenses, including legal fees and collection costs by third parties, incurred in enforcing this contract.


Upon receipt of the Client's written notice of termination, the Client's services will be terminated. Unless confirmed in writing, we will not honor telephone cancellation requests. Payment for work completed from the date the Client receives the first notice of cancellation will be invoiced for full payment within thirty (30) days.


All services provided by Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd should only be used for lawful purposes. Upon using Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd's services, you agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless against any claims for damages that may arise.

Legal copyright

Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd retains the right to publish and use any information, files, graphic logos, and documents provided by the Client. Any information or files owned by third parties must be approved by those parties for use. Further, the Client must ensure that Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd has the permissions and rights to use the content.

This agreement means that the Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd for any damages resulting from negligence on the Client's part or failure to obtain proper copyright permissions. Clients who sign contracts for website design and/or digital marketing or any other services are obliged to assure Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd that all necessary permissions and authorities have been acquired. You may be asked for proof of permissions and authority.

Standard media delivery

Any text submitted by the Client will be in electronic format (ASCII text files sent via thumb drive, CD, e-mail, or FTP) unless otherwise specified in the project quotation. Furthermore, all photographs and other graphics will be provided physically in high-quality print that can be scanned or electronically in the following file formats: .gif, .jpg, .png, or .tiff. In spite of Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd's best efforts, any images or printed materials provided for use in creating the Client's website are not guaranteed to be returned to the Client.

Credit for design

At the bottom of the Client's website, a small graphic or small type will link the Client to Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd. Graphics will be designed to complement the overall design of the site. Furthermore, the Client consents to Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd displaying the client's website in Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd's portfolio.

Access requirements

The Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd must be given temporary read and write access to the Client's storage directories, which must be obtainable via FTP if the Client's website is to be installed on a third-party server. A server configuration might also be required to accommodate other resources specific to the project.

Post completion Alterations

The company cannot be held responsible in the event that Third Parties make alterations to a customer's pages after installation. This includes additions, modifications, and deletions, but is not limited to them.


Unless explicitly stated otherwise, these Terms and Conditions supersede any previous representations, understandings, or agreements. By signing below or by paying an advance fee, the Client agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions. The act of making a payment online constitutes acceptance of the company's terms and conditions.


This Agreement shall be governed by Indian Law.


As a condition of this agreement, Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd excludes itself, its Employees, and its Agents from all and any and all liability for:

  • Damages and losses caused by errors
  • Omissions that result in damage or loss
  • We are not responsible for delays or errors in the production or maintenance of the website, whether the result of negligence or another cause
  • Artwork or photos supplied by clients that are lost or damaged. The cause of damage is immaterial

In the event of any claim or breach of this Agreement, whether or not arising in negligence, Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd will be solely liable for the amount paid for the relevant Service.


Despite any invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision of this Agreement, its remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable, and it shall not be deemed void for that reason alone. In such cases, an invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision shall be replaced with one that is valid, legal, and enforceable. It would be those that reflect the intention of the parties most closely.

We make every effort to develop websites that can be viewed by the majority of visitors at Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd. We design our websites to be compatible with the most popular browsers available (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.). It is understood by the client that Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd cannot guarantee correct functionality across all browsers and operating systems.

VO can not be held responsible for web pages that are not displayed as expected in new browser versions which can be downloaded after the website has been completed and handed over to the Client.

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