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PPC: A Marketing Strategy for Every Budget

A PPC campaign is an internet marketing plan where advertisers purchase website traffic. Ads for PPC you can publish on social networking sites and in search engines. There are several PPC networks that act as hosts. Bing & Google are the most popular. There are different prices for different kinds of ads, depending on the service provider

The purpose of pay-per-click advertising is to get the end-users to end up at an advertiser's website and make a purchase. Marketing or business owners can pay for this service in order to increase the number of visitors to their websites at a particular moment. PPC can attract high-quality traffic. It can drive visitors to your website within a short period of time as well. Therefore, it is a cost-effective and powerful strategy. However, it is important to know that advertisements are not shown to random people. These ads users see it according to their preferences. By setting up your campaign properly, you could reach your potential customers.

Google also allows you to display ads before or while watching a video on YouTube in PPC. Online retailers can create custom shopping ads that match a customer's search so Google will search and display their products. Moreover, in PPC, social networks allow advertisers to target their ads fairly accurately to specific audiences. It is a key characteristic of paid advertising on them. With Facebook ads, you can define clear parameters. Adding this element to the landing page will help your budget as well. At the same time, it will bring more targeted users as well.


Timely Reports

We build PPC campaigns that clearly display progress in real time. Clients get access to the reports at regular intervals.


Analytical PPC

Before designing any ads for a client, we perform a thorough PPC analysis of their offerings and demographics


Economical Yet Powerful

Our strategies are flexible to suit the most budget sizes. However, they remain economical irrespective of budget of our clients.

Why Choose Us

Result Oriented PPC Campaign To Suit All Businesses

  • Our PPC agency provides both b2b and b2c services to our clients.
  • We aim to generate the most leads and generate the highest ROI possible.
  • Using data analytics, we develop strategies to improve your position and reduce costs.
  • Throughout the process, we carry out keyword research, competitor analysis, ad copy creation, and search engine ad generation analysis.
  • Our strategies are flexible to suit the most budget sizes. However, they remain irrespective of budget.
  • Before designing any ads for a client, we perform a thorough PPC analysis of their offerings and demographics.
  • We build PPC campaigns that clearly display progress in real-time. Clients get access to the reports at regular intervals
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Our Pay Per Click Services

1.Conversion Rate Management

A conversion rate identifies the percentage of users who have undertaken action as per the desire of the advertisers. One determines conversion rates by measuring the number of conversions compared to the total number of users. Comparing and evaluating the performance of various channels of advertising is easier by use of conversion rates. It is really important for mobile users acquisition campaigns because conversion rates provide a measure of success for them. It is also possible to use conversion rate to estimate ROI during a campaign.

2.Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing targets mobile users, specifically smartphone users. It targets to provide a customer with a timely, preference wise & precise piece of information per their needs. Mobile marketing goes higher in creativity than standard banner advertisements. Advertising through mobile marketing has the advantage of reaching customers at any time and anywhere. That too, without physical boundaries or restrictions. Mobile marketing is an important part of creating any marketing plan. You can use mobile marketing for anything from email to pay-per-click (PPC),SEO and content marketing.

3.Social media Paid Advertising

When you want to reach new, targeted audiences quickly, social media advertising is a must. No matter how hard you try, organic reach gets harder and harder. It seems gone are the days when you could go viral without a little boost. Using social media to advertise directly to your target audience is a great way to achieve results. In comparison to traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google, social media advertising campaigns offer unique advantages. Using social media to reach your target audience with inspiring messages gives you more control.

4.Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing involves earning commissions from promoting other people's (or companies) products. As an affiliate marketer, you earn a piece of the profits from sales you make on a product that interests you. Via affiliate marketing established marketing techniques, we combine technology & innovative ideas to achieve business success. Using this method, you can generate revenue online at an extremely low cost. Services such as eBay affiliate marketing, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Amazon affiliate marketing, and others dominate the affiliate marketing sector.